Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Debunking Another Myth?

Recently, discussion on the OTR Digest has turned to luxury taxes and shortages during World War II. A famous Lucky Strike cigarette slogan from that time was something to the effect of "Lucky Strike has gone to war!" Supposedly the company eliminated green from the cigarette packaging because chromium - a key ingredient for green paint - was in short supply. Not so fast, says contributor Michael Biel. "The truth was that chromiumwas not in short supply and that the company had already been planning to change to the brighter white package to make the package more attractive to women, as well as save the money on the expensive ink and the extra press run that it necessitated." Well, it sure sounded good. I'll need a bit more confirmation, however, before I totally chalk this one up to the myth column, along with the infamous Uncle Don outburst.


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