Friday, September 09, 2005

More New Goodies

Dedicated OTR man Cliff/Travis/Defender8 has announced the release of two more previously uncirculated (to his knowledge) programs. The Gleason-Armstrong Show and The Penthouse Murder Mystery both date from the early 30s. If you're at all familiar with old-time radio you'll realize these are real treasures; shows from that era are relatively rare. Most surviving programs date from the late 30s to mid 50s. Thanks to Def for his continued generosity. These transcription discs don't come cheap. I know some other hobbyists who also have such gems but are reluctant to share because a few individuals get a hold of and choose to sell these programs without permission. This is a shame because we all miss out but I absolutely understand the sentiment of the owners of these rare programs. Considerable resources of time and money go into obtaining such shows and converting them to a digital media. Whether they choose to sell the shows or make them available for free is entirely their rightful decision. For others to make any money off these efforts, however, is not acceptable. Regardless, there are a lifetime of shows to appreciate so let's not overly lament those that remain out of earshot.


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