Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Woody Guthrie

A poster on the OTR Digest recently listed the following radio appearances by Woody Guthrie:

The Pursuit Of Happiness. April 21, 1940. CBS net.
The Pursuit Of Happiness. May 5, 1940. CBS net, WABC,
Forecast. August 19, 1940. Program #10. CBS net.
"Back Where I Come from" The Cavalcade Of America. November 6, 1940. Red net.
"Wild Bill Hickok: The Last Of Two Gun Justice". The Cavalcade Of America. December 25, 1944. Red net.
"America For Christmas". Sponsored by: DuPont.
Hootenanny. March 10, 1947. CBS net.

I'm not sure how many of these programs are extant but it would be interesting to know whether Guthrie's appearances are strictly musical or if they include some straight acting.


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