Monday, June 06, 2005

June Radio Recall

Per Jack French, editor of Radio Recall, the magazine of the Metro Washington Old-Time Radio Club:

"The June 2005 issue of RADIO RECALL is at the printers and soon will bein the mail to all subscribers. Included in this issue are: 1) Afeatured article by Maury Cagle, retired VOA employee, examining themystery of why the popular Tom Swift never made it to radio 2) Acolumn by Jim Snyder on "Watching" Baseball on Radio 3) Part 2 of KathyHammel's three part series on her discovery of previously uncirculated"Howie Wing" series of the Thirties 4) Rules for entering the FOTRscript contest (first prize $ 200) 5) A review of the new OTR series,"The Adventures of Captain Hudson" 6) An explanation by flight expertStephen Kallis, Jr. of the history of the Captain Midnight 7" recordissued in the mid 70s. 7) Details on how the Dionne Quintupletspromoted Carnation's "Contented Hour", a musical radio program in the30s. 8) Information on a new "Bobby Benson" discovery on an AFRS diskfrom 1949, an episode entitled "A Salute to a Soldier." All this andmore....For articles in past issues, go to for a look-see."

Looks fantastic! I may need to join the group just to get this journal.


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