Friday, May 20, 2005

Bea Benaderet

I don't need to tell you old-time radio fans just how skilled many of the old performers were. I was reminded of this the other day while listening to episodes of Dennis Day and Great Gildersleeve in the same afternoon. I realized that Bea Benaderet happened to be in both episodes, though you'd never know it by listening to the characters she played. In the Dennis Day program Bea played the overbearing Mrs. Anderson, mother of Dennis' girlfriend Mildred. On the Gildersleeve program, however, she played the sultry Eve Goodwin, principal of the local school and sometimes-object of Gildersleeve's affection. The contrast in the roles is stark but masterful. Bea's talent ensured that both characters - primary roles in each series - would only strengthen the programs. Bea died in 1968 after succesfully moving into television.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Ivan G. said...

I adore Bea...not only a fine, accomplished comic performer but capable of demonstrating dramatic chops as well.

Plus, she had a laugh that could shatter glass.


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