Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Metro to Retro

Now that the "metro-sexual" phenomenon is old news, it's time for a new fashion trend, and I think we OTR fans - and nostalgia folks in general - are just the ones to lead it. I'm calling it the "retro-sexual" look. I haven't decided exactly what the look should be, but it must include fedoras and a liberal sprinkling of the terms "dames" in one's speech. Smokers are in luck because a smoldering cigarette clenched in an iron jaw is a sure sign of a retro-sexual. Really, anything that makes a guy look more like Humphrey Bogart is a sure sign of retro-sexuality (like metro-sexual, retro-sexual is a term used primarily with males). For your own reference: Fibber McGee is not a model for retro-sexuality; Gildersleeve is (sans the laugh). Jack Benny is not a model for retro-sexuality; Gerald Mohr is (at least as long as he sounds like tough-guy Phillip Marlowe). I suppose Lamont Cranston - wealthy young man about town - might qualify as the retro-sexual ideal.


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