Friday, May 13, 2005

Moving On Up

Okay, after posting my musings on a homemade blog for the past year or so it's time to move up to the real deal. It will make feedback easier and hopefully increase views. Of course, it's not hard to improve on one to two hits a day.

I blog only about old-time radio. I don't do nostalgia in general. No comments on old movies, serials, books, pulps, toys, etc., unless I have a thought to connect it to radio. If the names Jack Benny, Gildersleeve, and Frank Lovejoy don't get your heart pounding then this won't be the place for you.

You'll find general musings on OTR, thoughts on specific episodes to which I listen, reviews of obscure shows, and breaking news from hobbyists and OTR historians. Visit to get a feel for my groove.

Unfortunately, I'm sporadic. My wistful vistas often get interrupted by real-life. Oh well. The shows have waited sixty years for my comments; they can wait a few more weeks (or even months). Enjoy.


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