Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Casey, Crime Photographer Book Out

I have a soft spot in my OTR playlist for Casey, Crime Photographer. For whatever reason I'm partial to shows featuring heroic newspaper men (and women). Big Town and Night Beat also are enjoyed listening. Any new OTR book will pique my fancy but this one jumped out. OTR Digest subscriber David Siegel has written (with J. Randolp Cox) "FlashgunCasey, Crime Photographer: From the Pulps to Radio and Beyond." Siegel claims it is the definitive publication on Casey from his pulp, radio, and television runs. Of course, just about any book published on a specific OTR series will be the definitive work as so little is written. From Dave: "For OTR fans, the book includes-- complete program logs of both the radio and TV series-- 2 uncirculated radio scripts by Alonzo Deen Cole (who wrote most of thescripts over the 10 year run)-- Photos of both the radio and TV casts." That's good stuff. You can see the book here. William Goldin even has a kind word for it. If you read drop me a line and let me know what you think.


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