Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Virtual OTR Convention

I'm going to cut-and-past this right from the Digest; it speaks for itself. I'm going to email the contact and get more info. Check it out. "Hi Friends, We are very proud to announce that our second oldtime radio symposium via audio conferencing will be held on Saturday September 24, 2005, from 10 amto 2 pm Pacific coast time. All you need is a computer and a microphone to participate in this interactive virtual convention. If you wish, you may text chat as well. Featured on our program will be Dr. Dave parker who was a yound radio actor on the Lone Ranger. Larry Gassman, oldtime radio historian will moderate a discussion by The archie Andrews cast of Rosemary Rice who played Betty Cooper; Hal Stone who played jug Head jones and Bob hastings who played archie andrews. Martin Grams, jr., will discuss the acquisition of oldtime radio logues. Devon Wilkins, the Founder of the Canadian oldtime Radio Association will speak of their efforts to revive oldtime radio in Canada. harlan Zinck, the preservations Director of First Generation Radio archives will discuss his wonderful organization. Finally, Miss joanie leonard will lead a general discussion of oldtime radio.If you would like to see our program and get instructions on how to access the audio conference room, please write to Robert"


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