Monday, March 02, 2009

Wistful Vistas for Dee

Long time OTRR member and OTR-lover Dee DeTevis passed away. Mike Arendt posted this to the group's Yahoo page:

"Our 'Queen' has passed away. Dee DeTevis has passed away on 2-28-09, at 10:10am. At about 1-19-09 she went into the hospital, and found she had cancer. I found a email on 1-23-09 asking for my phone number to give me instructions on the groups. Always putting all her time to the groups. The Cancer hit her lungs and liver with small cell cancer, and if thatwasn't bad enough she had a legion in the brain too. She was the best penpal / friend I have ever had. When My dad went down hill, she called to check on me, helped me by mentally keeping me going, and then more after my dad's passing in August 2008! She was the best of the best! She is going to be deeply missed, and will never be matched in this world!"

Dee is the third active OTRR member and friend to pass since late 2008. The group sends prayers and best wishes to all her family and friends. For Dee, it's wistful vistas forever.


At 4:49 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Dee was such a wonderful person.
She had such a big heart and was fair and concerned about everyone.

Dee will be truly missed.



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